The beginning of LCM furnace "We have been supplying aluminum melting furnaces to the die-casting industry for decades, consistently striving to meet our customers' evolving needs. Through extensive research, we have identified the key factors that are crucial for an optimal melting furnace. Based on our findings, we have compiled the following essential requirements.".



1. Fuel Efficiency Enhancement:

- By designing a smaller holding room space, we can achieve rapid temperature rises.
- Minimizing the intrusion of outside air into the holding room to prevent excessive cooling of the molten metal.
- Utilizing a combustion burner directly for material melting to expedite the melting process.
- Implementing intermittent control of the burner combustion, preventing wasteful combustion through regular ON-OFF cycles based on material input frequency.

2. Prevention of Outside Air Intrusion:

- Preventing the ingress of outside air into the holding room to suppress molten metal oxidation.
- Transitioning from direct heating to indirect heating methods (indirect heating involves directing the burner flame away from the molten metal) to mitigate oxidation.
- Employing intermittent melting burner control to minimize aluminum oxidation during the melting process.

3. Enhanced Maintainability:

- Designing a holding room with reduced height to facilitate cleaning of blind spots within the furnace.
- Enhancing maintainability by relocating devices to lower positions, making them easily accessible for cleansing.

4. Extended lifespan:

- Selecting reliable burners exclusively made in Japan, ensuring suitability for indirect heating of molten metal and fast melting speed.
- In-house production with rigorous quality management practices to ensure stable and flawless manufacturing.
- Providing comprehensive after-sales support to customers, ensuring their needs are addressed even after delivery.



Main qualification is that the ceilling wall of Holding room is Lower and it becomes very compact

Comparative Information LCM-150 SER-150
Total Aluminium Melting 600 kg 600 kg
Total Gas Comsumption 11.7 m3 14 m3
Diff 2.3 m3
% Diff 16.40%

1. Fuels : Gas (Melting and Holding)

2. Melting rate 150-700 kg

3. Holding rate 600-2,000 kg


LCM Furnace Specification

Type Melting Rate
Holding Capacity
Melt. Burner Cap.
Hold. Burner Cap.
LCM-100 100 up to  450 80,000 50,000
LCM-150 150 up to  550 80,000 50,000
LCM-200 200 up to  700 120,000 50,000
LCM-250 250 up to  900 150,000 100,000
LCM-300 300 up to  1,100 150,000 100,000
LCM-400 400 up to  1,300 200,000 100,000
LCM-500 500 up to  1,500 350,000 200,000
LCM-600 600 up to  2,000 400,000 200,000
LCM-700 700 up to 2,500 400,000 200,000